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Venezuela Trip Log 2
26/01 to 03/02

     Our trip to Salto Angel was arranged through Gekko Tours - the same people who own the posada. They were organised and helpful and came out the same price as others around - the main selling factor was being able to leave Lodzi in the Posada grounds while we went on tour. The flight to Canaima National Park was by small Cessna and with a slight deviation from plan we were loaded into a cargo plane and sent off. A flight time of 1hr and 10min had us fly into Canaima overlooking Canaima lake and falls. After meeting our guide -Jorje and our fellow tourers - 3 English folk, a lovely family from Columbia and Abel, from Fance, we walked about 2k's to the wooden boat that would take us on the 70km upstream trip to Angel falls.

     Without cushions this was an ass shattering experience. The compromise - the scenery was simply SPECTACULAR as you can see from the photo's. Our first view of Auyen Tepuy was amazing, a Mesa rising about 1200m from the surrounding landscape and the top is approx 700 km sq. It is from here that Salto Angel cascades. We arrived late afternoon and spent the night in hammocks. Because of the rainforest these had to be the smelliest hammocks out! But the view out over Angel falls was priceless.

     Unfortunately it rained solid all night and we were woken early by the guides the next morning adjusting their boat lashings. We would not have believed it if we had not seen it - the river had risen over 3m overnight!! And the falls were now thundering down. Our 1hr trek to the falls was seriously tricky footing. Unfortunately with so much water coming over the falls it created a huge spray and gusts of wind so although amazing experience, no pics were possible. The 2hr boat journey back was scary as the river was now flowing down at about 25kmph. It had not helped hearing that a boat of 20 tourists that had spent the night with us and left early in the morning had flipped, all were safe.

     The next day we visited Salto Sapo which we were able to walk behind then round to the top for the view over Indian plains. Our flight back to Cd Bolivar ended the tour and we were collected and taken back to Lodzi. We were once again made very welcome at Posada La Cassita who had not charged us for looking after Lodzi. And gave us a recommendation for accommodation for our next stop. A final shopping the next day and we were on the road again South. After a night in the original El Dorado, camped on the river side at Bruno's campsite, we entered The Gran Sabana. A huge plain with dotted Tepuis all over.

     We headed off road - James insisted if we have a Landy use it. We were told that there was a beautiful waterfalls in a little Indian village called Iboribo. Well you can see from the photo's, 30 miles in 3hrs in first and second gear we arrived. Salto Aponwao were very impressive but we loved the secluded waterfall and pool where we could swim. We then spent the evening teaching the local Indian guide triominos (he did not speak english). After rain that night the journey out was worse than in. Fortunately our 4x4 course came in extremely handy and Lodzi did not struggle at all. Amazing what we did end up going through.

     After visiting a few other sites enroute including a natural swimming pool where James spent ages sliding down the rocks we arrived in Santa Elena on the border to Brazil. Mr B, once again thanks for the advice - the border is still not open. We completed all formalities in 5hrs(due to loads of Brazilians gettihg there before us) and were through to Brazil.

     Venezuela is a beautiful, friendly and cheap country - we will be back some day to explore in more detail.

Check out the Photo Album for this section of the trip.


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